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Connect Pexcel and FostaPex with one fitting
Both Pexcel and FostaPex plumbing tubing share the same fitting system, reducing inventory and speeding up installation. Run Pexcel in walls and FostaPex in exposed areas, connecting with the same simple, reliable Pureflow press fittings and tools.
It's more flexible
Viega Pexcel and FostaPex tubing gives you the flexibility to install a higher quality plumbing system more quickly and easily without the use of solder. For a clean high-tech look Form Stable FostaPex is ideal in exposed locations.
It adds value for your customers
With Pexcel tubing, homeowners will never hear annoying water hammer or flow noises. There’s no corrosion and less mineral build up than with copper pipe.
It’s faster and easier to install
Flexible Pexcel tubing connects to fittings in an instant with no need for solder or open flame. It pulls through walls and weaves around framing allowing you to dramatically reduce the number of joints to be made and concealed in your customers' walls.
It's non-corroding
Originally developed for under sea cable, Viega tubing has been in use for over 25 years and has been subjected to rigorous accelerated testing procedures. Our tubing has a proven track record of strength, durability, resistance to chemically aggressive water conditions and temperature aging.
It's healthier and cleaner
The black light blocking color Viega Pexcel tubing supports hygenic conditions by eliminating the possibility of algae growth. The high density tubing wall smoothness inhibits mineral build up.
It's quieter
The nature of flexible Pexcel tubing minimizes the "water hammer" noise common with metal pipes. Pipes will not bang and flow noises are minimized.
It's approved
Viega PureFlow Plumbing Systems meet strict ASTM standards in addition to UPC and international codes for potable water systems.
It's warrantied
Viega offers our trained installers a 25-year warranty on our tubing and a 10-year limited warranty for the PureFlow fitting system.
It's proven
The PureFlow Water Distribution System is the result of continuous research and development driven by an established world-class corporate history of dedication to customer needs and satisfaction dating back to the founding of Viega in 1899. The Viega name is assurance that you are getting the best system available and one that is backed by a strong corporation. In use for over 25 years, Viega tubing has a proven track record of strength, durability, resistance to chemically aggressive water conditions and temperature aging.



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